Fabric Weight Evaluation Kit

 Fabric Weight Evaluation Kit 
To simply and economically determine “per unit area” of textile knitting or woven fabric and calculate the material costs.

GSM Circular Cutter designed specifically to cut a precise 100cm2 (diameter 113mm) out circular specimen is used together with a high-precision Fabric Weight Balance to provide an accurate and easy for determining fabric weight in GRAMS per SQUARE METER (g/m2) or OUNCES per SQUARE YARD (oz/yd2) in off-shore markets.  A specimen of 100cm2 is cut and placed on the balance which is switchable from g/m2 to oz/yd2.


ASTM D2646, D3776, BS 2471, 3424, BS EIN 12127, GB 4669, ISO 3801, IWS TM13, JIS L1018, L1096, M&S P65, P65A, etc.

 Schröder GSM Circular Cutter (GSM-100)

  • Supply with Germany Blades;
  • Accurately cut out 100 cm2  specimen (diameter 113mm);
  • Apply for textile fabric, carpet, film, foam, paper and board;
  • Complete with cutting Rubber Board & 4 spare S.S. Blades.
 Schröder Fabric Weight Balance (GSM-200)

  • Built-in four display units : g, g/m2, oz, oz/yd2
  • Max. Capacity : 200g x 0.01g, 20,000 g/m2 x 1 g/m2, 7 oz x 0.0005 oz, 590 oz/yd2 x 0.05 oz/yd2
  • Platform Size : Diameter 100mm (Round)
  • Complete with Plastic Wind Shield
  • Power Supply : 12 VAC ~150mA Adapter or 6 x AA Batteries
GSM Cutter Rubber Board

Size 9″ x 11″,
thick 12mm per piece

Martor GSM Cutter
Stainless Steel Blades
Size 43mm x 22mm per piece
Mekur Abrasion Cutter
Stainless Steel Blades
Size  mm x  mm per piece
Specifications GSM-100 GSM-200
Size (mm)
(L x W x H)
310 X 230 X 160 260 x 170 x 120
Weight (kg) 2 1.2


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